We reduce your Salesforce expenses by 20-50% through contract negotiation services

 You pay SalesForce a lot of money

Their software is great and your team depends on it

But what if we told you that you were paying far more than your peers?

8/10 companies that contact us are being drastically overcharged

We can reduce your SalesForce expenses by 20-50% by either negotiating a new or existing contract

How we helped a Global Biotech company reduce their SalesForce costs by $13M


We helped our multinational client, a $15B+ company with 5,000+ employees, renegotiate its SalesForce contract.

We led the client through our proprietary 4 step negotiation process (Discovery, Strategy, Negotiation, & Contract Execution) which organically aligned the organization while also driving a contract reduction.

This totaled a net savings of $13M over 3 years. 

How we work

Our turn-key process is simple and produces results…every time.

Salesforce audit

1. Audit

Your Salesforce Administrator runs a simple report that gives us all the information we need to know. 


2. Plan

After completing your audit we present our results and proposed plan to your team.

Salesforce Savings

3. Renegotiate

We act on behalf of your company or advise your existing team through renegotiating the deal. 


4. Contract Execution / Savings Calculation

Your costs are reduced and we are paid based on a percentage of the savings we bring your company. 

Our proven process is simple and requires minimal time investment from you and your team.

Imagine saving millions per year with no up front cost or risks 


An $8B annual revenue client is on average spending $8M per year with SalesForce. 

We can reduce that expense on average by 30% which is $2.4M in annual savings.


Our process works with companies ranging from a SalesForce spend of $250K to $25M per year. 

Success Stories


Global Biotechnology Company
$12B+ in Annual Revenue

$13M in Cost Savings

Global Manufacturing Corporation
$800M+ in Annual Revenue

$3.5M in Cost Savings


Global Agricultural Corporation
$75B+ in Annual Revenue

$8.5M in Cost Savings

Our clients have realized over $385 Million Dollars in cost savings


We are paid either via Fixed Fee or Gain Share

Clients will have the option to choose one or the other depending on their preferences.


Here is how our pricing model works:

1. You provide us with your latest SalesForce Baseline spend

This can be done through your SalesForce administrator. We need to understand the number of licenses and the cost of each.

We establish that your previous 12 months of spend is the "baseline" for our negotiation. This baseline number will be used to calculate savings incentive payments if you choose to compensate us in a “pay for performance” manner.

2. We lead you through our proprietary 4 step negotiation process

This negotiation includes all of your existing licenses and any anticipated growth for the next 12 - 72 months (if applicable).

3. You Save Money

We are paid either an Advisory Fee (Fixed Fee) or a Pay for Performance (Gain Share) Incentive Payment

If Pay for Performance, we are paid based on the difference of your SalesForce Baseline and the newly negotiated Agreement.

Our payment is 75% of the first year savings. All future years savings (2+) is yours to keep…

Disclaimer: We do not accept all clients. As of 2018 we turn down more clients than we accept…

We know gain shares can be confusing…that is why we simplify the process and set the terms in your favor. 

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